Couple of Winos

Washington wine ~ one couple's journey

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Wine connoisseurs, we are not. We know that. But it started happening more and more ­- wine this and wine that. “We should try this wine.” “We should visit that winery.” Yes, the wine chat was escalating and by the time Christmas rolled around there was no denying our shared interest in exploring all things wine. For me there was a wine fridge and for him, two books on the subject, with a focus on Washington wines and wineries. Suffice to say, we were becoming (budding) enthusiasts, but ultimately it came down to a bottle of wine and a bunch of ideas. Yes, there must have been something in that bottle of 2007 Eroica Riesling that night, because by the time we hit the bottom of it, Couple of Winos was born.

– Lisa

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  • larry Oates

    Could you please update our contact information on your web site? I had customers who had a hard time finding us and they had been given a phone number that has been out of service for ~ 3 years!
    I’m not sure where they found it, but I noticed that it is still on your site, along with the correct number

    509-58-5529 is no longer in service

    Correct number is 509-460-2886

    our hours, should probably be changed to read “Event weekends, or by arrangement – please call or ermail –


  • Dan

    I’ve updated your phone number.

    Thanks Larry,

  • Steve

    Likewise could you add our phone number to your listing? 5038608713. Thanks

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