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I Think I’m In Love … Or maybe it’s just the wine

November 25th, 2010 · No Comments · Wine

For wine novices (like me), choosing a wine is like playing roulette.  We place our bets on a color (red or white), a specific number (year or vintage) or sometimes on a range of numbers (blends).

We pick a wine, give it a ‘spin’ and hope we get lucky, right?

Well, it finally happened.  I got L-U-C-K-Y.  And not only that –  I straight fell in love. <cue violins and chirping birds>

We saw each other across a dimly lit, converted-garage.  I sized up the bottle, giggled at its name (“Dynamique” – how pop star of it), then had myself a taste.

Wow! That’s all I could say.  Wow!

This was a Cab Franc like no other (I say this because I’d had no other Cab Franc).  Luscious and full-bodied only begin to describe this beauty.  And, oh the sweetness! When I stopped in at Vashon Island’s Palouse Winery, I was just looking for a little fun.  I didn’t expect to find the real thing.

So, the nePalouse Wineryxt question wasn’t, “Should I buy a bottle?’  It was, “How many bottles should I buy?”

Needless to say I bought three, cashed in my chips and went home a winner.

That was the beginning of the end.

Like all whirlwind romances, the first couple weeks were amazing.  We drank each other up.  Enjoyed every drop.  Always wanted more.

But soon, Dynamique started running out on me.  I saw it coming, but didn’t restock fast enough.  And besides, she could be replaced, right?  There were other Cab Francs in the world, and what can I say, I’m a gambler.

Soon, I was trolling the wine isles for some stand ins.

In my search for another pure Cab Franc varietal, I could only find about three or four of them (and, yes, this was at local grocery stores, where – admit it! – most of us get our wines).  As far as Made in Washington ones go, I found bottles from Cor Cellars (2008, Columbia Valley), Bonair Winery (2008, Yakima Valley) and Chinook Winery (2007 Yakima Valley).  Opting for the Chinook, I took it home to party.

This is where I wanted to say, “OMG, it was like Palouse all over again!” But it wasn’t.

Mind you, it wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t “Wow!”  It was subtle and smooth, but where I was expecting Pow!, I got Putt.

So my love affair with Cab Franc won’t be as easily maintained as I thought.  No late night bottle calls.  No chance encounters at PCC.  No, Dynamique is classy like that and is only available direct from Palouse.

That’s okay though.  She’s worth it.

– Lisa

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